Jazzy Jamboree Parties

Jazzy Jamboree Parties

The Jazzy Jamboree is a fantastic way to bring fun and sunshine to your little ones birthday parties. Ideally suited for children aged between 1 and 5 years old and for parties with no more than 16 guests, the pressure can be taken off mum and dad for a time whilst I provide all singing, all dancing non stop fun!

'It's my Party' will consist of lots of favourite all time classic children's nursery rhymes and songs suitable for the age group of the party, for example : 'If you're happy and you know it', 'Head, shoulders, knees & toes', 'The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow', 'Row Row Row your boat', 'The wheels on the bus' and so many more! The party guests will have use of basic musical instruments such as drums, tambourines, maracas and bells. It may be noisy - but it's lots of fun!!

The Jazzy Jamboree 'It's my Party' is available in two packages : £65 for 45 mins or £80 for 1 hour, so you can choose the length and budget of your party. Each package starts with a 'Hello to the Party' song, followed by action, prop and visual songs. We then move to musical instruments time (noisy but so much fun) before everyone sings 'Happy Birthday' to the birthday child. This is followed by a relaxing story time to bring the party guests back down to earth before we finish with a 'Goodbye Song'.

Whichever package you choose it is sure to make your little ones birthday party a very special one! I am happy to come to your home or chosen venue.

I can also work to themes - a great idea is an animal themed party with animal themed songs - little ones love pretending to have a trunk or making lots of animal noises.

If you have any special requirements or requests for any of the parties I will do my best to customise your preferred choice to make your little ones day special.

Also available for 30 minute sessions at playgroups, pre schools and nurseries. I am able to work to a theme or select a mixture of fun educational songs. This costs only £33 for 30 minutes (discounts are available for regular bookings).

All payments are cash or cheque only.


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