Jazzy Jamboree Testimonials

Below you'll find a small selection of testimonials and reviews :

I have been taking my son to Jazzy Jamboree for over a year now and he absolutely loves it and so do I! Sarah is incredibly enthusiastic and energetic during the session...even at 9.20am! I am so impressed with the song choices and the beautiful props that Sarah uses to illustrate the songs. It makes the session lots of fun and engaging for the children. Sarah clearly puts a lot of thought, time and energy into putting each theme together. I would thoroughly recommend Jazzy Jamboree.
Claire and Archie

We started going to Jazzy Jamboree when E was around 12 weeks old! From the very beginning he was mesmerised by Sarah's voice and colourful props. In the beginning he really enjoyed feeling the textures of the props that he could hold and quickly learnt how to focus on the visual aids that Sarah uses. Due to work I took a five month break but we are now back and E has been just as excited from the first session back, literally bouncing round the room and is still mesmerised by Sarah! It's lovely that Sarah groups her songs by themes and her props for each song are always well received by the babies. We are looking forward to spending the next few years learning new songs with Jazzy Jamboree and recommend to anyone.
Amy and E

Poppy really enjoys Jazzy Jamboree. We all sing the songs togeher at home and I really think that it has helped Poppy with her speech and recognition of colours and animals. The songs are all really catchy and Sarah is a great singer, so they are nice to listen to! Poppy always has fun at the sessions and I would recommend them to anyone.
Hayley and Poppy

We have tried different children's music classes and have come to the conclusion that Jazzy Jamboree is a cut above the rest! All of my children have loved Sarah and her inventive themes. I'd recommend her to anyone!
Natalie, Charlie, Emily and Owen

Samuel has been coming to Jazzy Jamboree for nearly a year and we love it! He really likes all of the 'prop' songs and loves clapping along to the music. Sarah is great with all of the babies and gives them so much praise and encouragement. I've just gone back to work and am so pleased that we could move to another day - I can't imagine a week without Jazzy Jamboree!
Catherine and Samuel

We have been coming to Jazzy Jamboree since Sarah first started it. My boys have always enjoyed the different themes and props. Jazzy Jamboree is a good way to start children learning about colours, numbers and shapes etc.
Becky, Jack, Tom and Ollie

Fantastic! Excellent use of toys and props for the songs. It's great watching how all of the babies listen and react. We both look forward to it every week. Highly recommended. Sessions are always friendly and very welcoming. Love watching my daughter interact with other children and sitting to listen at story time.
Nicola and Emily

Jazzy Jamboree is so amazing - I love the structure, props and interaction. Charley-Anne just loves Sarah's voice and dances throughout the whole class. Worth every penny!
Andrea and Charley-Anne

And finally, a note from me...

I am so pleased with the feedback from the parents that attend Jazzy Jamboree. Believe me, I get just as much enjoyment from the classes as you and your little stars do. The biggest benefit for me from running the sessions is seeing your little ones progress throughout the weeks and knowing that I have helped in some way in the development of your child.

I watch your little rays of sunshine as they clap, wave and bounce for the first time, utter their first words, move and sing along to the music all the way until they use their imaginations and learn to recognise colours, numbers, shapes and sounds and become independent and ready for 'Big School'. (A sad time for me!)

I have come to realise that I have the best job in the world!

Thank you for being part of the Jazzy Jamboree!


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