About Jazzy Jamboree

What is Jazzy Jamboree

Jazzy Jamboree is a singing and music group for babies and young children where we aim to inspire your little ones to grow and learn through music and play.

The nursery rhymes and children's songs have been carefully selected to suit your child's age group so that they can learn about subjects such as routines, their bodies, animals, food, colours, numbers, shapes, transport, the weather and many many more at a gentle speed whilst interacting with other children of the same age.

Classes run for 35 minute sessions in blocks of 6 weeks so your little one can learn words and actions to the music at their own pace and you can watch their confidence grow throughout the weeks.

The Jazzy Jamboree will not only introduce tots to many different subjects but also improve speech, memory and hand eye co-ordination whilst they just have fun, fun, fun!!!

The Jazzy Jamboree is a small concept which means that your little one, along with yourself, will get full and fun interaction and commitment from myself, Sarah, the class co-ordinator and founder of Jazzy Jamboree

The idea for Jazzy Jamboree arose when I could see the positive effects that singing, dancing and playing basic musical instruments had on my two lively children. It has played a significant part in their development whilst having so much fun. It has brought so much laughter and sunshine into our lives. So, I thought why not bring this idea to other people and so something to benefit and spread the fun.


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